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Yali Dream Creations presents a prequel to the horror hit of 2013 ‘The Caravan’. Blood War takes place in the notorious badlands of Chambal in 1970’s. The entire region is plagued by the reign of terror of the ‘Darinday’, a band of unstoppable dacoits ruthlessly mowing down every village and forcing their will on them. The Darindey are led by a mysterious behemoth of a man called Bheriya Khan who has singlehandedly destroyed the other gangs all across Chambal and claimed almost the entire valley as his own. Devgarh is the last redoubt against the vicious robbers, Thakur Surya Pratap Singh, his daughter Madhurakshi and her fiancé’ forest officer Avinash Sharma stands as vanguard in front of the battle-ready villagers. But can they protect their beloved village when the wrath of Bheriya Khan falls upon them?


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