The Anza Deception

The Anza Deception


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It is 2015, and India and Pakistan are enjoying peace as never before. But not everyone is happy with this state of detente…
Kargil hero Major Anwar Islam, newly inducted into the RAW, lands a big catch in his net – an ISI shipment of Anza Mark III shoulder-fired missiles meant for the Taliban – which the mandarins of South Block use to play an audacious game between Pakistan and China. Anwar then discovers a secret cabal hatching a sinister conspiracy that could lead to thousands of innocent deaths.

With a master puppeteer playing a most dangerous game behind the scenes, Anwar can trust no one except crack policeman Vishal Karandikar. Together, they must race against time to prevent India’s own 9/11.

A fast-paced action thriller that shifts from the high passes of the Karakoram to the slums of Mumbai, The Anza Deception is a tale of rogue commanders, double dealers and high-stakes geo-political poker played out in the murky world of South Asian intrigue.

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