9.1 The Scary House of Math


When Ganitha and Urvi thought about earning a few bucks with their summer time enterprise Holiday Dollar LLC, little did they realize that they would get trapped in a mansion built with mathematical gizmos never known to humankind! But they did succeed in their challenges and realized that Lines and Angles, Congruency of Triangles and Quadrilaterals are not so scary after-all! They showed us that we just need to get the fundamentals right, so that we can apply the concept and figure out a solution for any problem!


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Ganitha and Urvi are two good friends who have just completed their annual exams. When the two friends were offered a summer job at a sprawling mansion, little did they realize how the web of mathematics is going to surround them.

Join the adventure with Urvi & Ganitha and find out how The Scary House locks them up using the Mathematical concepts.

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a 32 page comic book that explains the concepts of “Lines & Angles” through interesting gadgets, “Congruency of triangles” in an episode of ghostly triangles and “Quadrilaterals” through a racing board game that the characters play. Once all the correct answers are provided by Urvi and Ganitha they get to access the way out from the mystery mansion. Apt book for children to get extra interest in Math.

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