The War Ministry

The War Ministry


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Bharat News Ticker: Prime Minister Azim Khan takes office, becomes first Muslim to lead India… Pakistan rejects peace talks after hostilities end in Indo-Pak war… Unconfirmed reports suggest Deputy Prime Minister Karan Nehru’s disenchantment with PMO Tensions with China escalate, as India is accused by Beijing of ‘sheltering Tibetan extremists and abetting instability in Tibet’… Ulema leaders ask PM to cater to Muslim interests or face backlash… US presidential candidates debate South Asian crisis… Opposition parties prepare for the possible fallout from a Khan-Nehru split…

Assuming power in the messy aftermath of a war with Pakistan and mounting hostility with a belligerent China, Azim Khan inherits an India in crisis. Heading a shaky coalition, his leadership is questioned at every turn – most visibly by Deputy PM Karan Nehru, his once-best friend, and more insidiously, by other scheming detractors hidden within his government. India’s first Muslim PM must earn the trust of the Indian people in his leadership and prove he is the man with the ability to heal the wounds of the past and chart out a path to a united and bold future for the nation.

Buffeted by history, conflicted by ideology, and curbed by his own limitations, Azim and his team of idealists face the ultimate test. Will they succeed?

The concluding volume of the best-selling Raisina Series, The War Ministry, is a gripping account of the complex day-to-day functioning of a prime minister and his office.

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