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The Nanologues: 10,000 km across India in the World’s Cheapest Car

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About The Book

The Nanologues: 10,000 km Across India in The World’s Cheapest Car, available in paperback, is a novel which describes the 10,000 km road-trip taken up by the author. The journey is a result of her curiosity about the experience of driving through the crazy traffic, on the not-so-good roads and amongst careless drivers in India.

The author sets of with the Tata Nano, one of the world’s cheapest cars. She discovers that all she really needs would be a lot of patience and the ability to stay calm in the chaotic environment. With that set, The Nanologues describe how she travels across India, while she comes across many places that have no GPS connectivity.

The book describes her journey with the yellow Nano, which she calls Abhilasha. From little kids running after her vehicle, to the bullock carts trying to compete with her on the roads, the book is a travelogue for people who want to find out what it is to actually drive on the roads of India.

The Nanologues: 10,000 km Across India in The World’s Cheapest Car was published on 15th May, 2013. Dotted with humor, the story promises to keep you entertained. She talks about how drivers in India don’t need medical insurance, but only God’s blessings. The original adventure of the author stresses on the point that speeding in India on most roads is like inviting death.

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