The Last Love Letter

The Last Love Letter


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I am tired and confused. I am surrounded by darkness, and am groping for the right path. Only you can take me to the light, but unless you love me body, mind and soul, it won?t work. Only you, loving me totally and unconditionally – physically, mentally and emotionally – will provide the magic balm. I can understand if you are tired, but I need your help, support and love. I am full of negativity, frustration and bitterness. Only your love can wash away this muck. Every time we make love, my anger, fear and confusion melt away, a bit at a time. Every time you hug and kiss me I feel wanted and special again. You are the balm to my tortured soul. Nothing else – family, career, drugs, money, films, friends or golf ? can help me the way you can. I am wired to you. My life is in your hands, but do you want to help me anymore??
A visceral, honest, deeply moving cry from the heart of a man dogged by misfortune and deemed unworthy of love.

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