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The Keepers 2: City of Lies

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‘In the last few months she had had more than a dozen messages from the museum, asking when she was going to take up the position as Fifth Keeper. Tonight she would reply: Never.’

Goldie Roth is a trained thief and a skilful liar. She’s supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt, along with her friend Toadspit. But although she desperately wants to be a Keeper, her parents are ill and she does not want to leave them.

Then Toadspit’s sister Bonnie is kidnapped, and Goldie is forced into action. She and Toadspit follow the child-stealers to the neighbouring city of Spoke. Along the way, Toadspit is also captured, and Goldie is caught up in the Festival of Lies, where every word she says means something else and no one can be trusted. As the festival builds to its climax, Goldie discovers secrets-secrets that the child-stealers will protect. She will need all her skills as thief and liar and save her friends.

And survive she must. Because the treacherous Fugleman has returned to Jewel, and the city will soon need the Fifth Keeper more than ever….

Filled with intrigue and adventure at every turn, City of Lies is a suspense-filled tale of treachery and trickery, fate and friendship. And that’s no lie.

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