The Alchemists- Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers

The Alchemists: Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers


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The Alchemists: Inside The Secret World Of Central Bankers is a business novel by first-time author Neil Irwin which talks about the world of central banking, right from its birth to the turmoil it underwent during the US recession in the year 2007.

The beginning of the financial crisis saw the emergence of three unofficial financial leaders, who went on to become the most powerful people in the world because of the circumstances at hand. They were the leaders of the three most important central banks worldwide: Mervyn King of the Bank of England, Ben Bernanke of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and Jean-Claude Trichet of the European Central Bank. Together with their fellow bankers, they worked to suppress the waves of panic that was slowly engulfing one country after the other, attempting to bring the financial situation under control. The book goes back in time to Stockholm, Sweden, where the central bank had its origin amid much opposition and dissent of its Founding Fathers. It provides of timeline of its growth, explaining how it came to assert the amount of power it has today. The author’s account encompasses the events across 27 cities in 11 countries to tell us the real story of the role of the central bank in world economy.

The Alchemists: Inside The Secret World Of Central Bankers was published by Business Plus UK in the year 2013, and is available in paperback.

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The book has been shortlisted for the FT and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2013

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