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When you decide to go like that you don’t just lose your life, you lose the right to any privacy that you had a claim to when you were alive. My mother, after all, had made the cardinal sin of getting murdered…For a long time after her mother’s gruesome death, Neha is enraged with her, convinced it was her mother’s own scheming ways that brought it about; after all, don’t the murdered invite retribution? But then a distress call from her childhood friend brings Neha back to the hills of Coonor. Samir, her friend, is implicated in the murder of his lover’s new love. Much though Neha would like to help him, she cannot shut her mind to the fact that the circumstances in which the victim was found bear an uncanny resemblance to the manner in which her mother had been murdered a year ago. Nor can she deny the fact that she, too, is irresistibly drawn to the mysterious Sujala…A strange and disturbing story that looks at how we become the very people we once despised…

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