Business Plans In A Week- Write A Successful Business Plan In Seven Simple Steps (TYW)

Business Plans In A Week: Write A Successful Business Plan In Seven Simple Steps (TYW)


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For over 60 years, The Teach Yourself series has been trusted all around the globe. This series of ‘In A Week’ business books is crafted in such a way that it benefits individuals at all levels to further their careers.

The ability to create an effective business strategy is vital to virtually anyone who aspires to elevate their career. Authored by Iain Maitland, a leading specialist on appraisals, collectively as a coach and a practitioner, Successful Business Plans in A Week: Teach Yourself quickly and efficiently shows you the industry secrets and techniques you should know in order to generate and earn support for a business plan.

This is a book that sets forth exactly what a business does or aims to do, the direction it desires to go, precisely how it’s going to reach there and when. It offers an overview of the current position of a business along with the framework for proceeding from ‘here’ to ‘there’ efficiently, in numerous ways.

The highly motivational ‘in a week’ structure of the book provides you with seven straight-forward chapters enlightening the key points. Towards the end, there are optional questions to make sure you have consumed all the information. in addition, there are caricatures and diagrams right throughout that aid in making this book an even more interesting and effective learning experience. Published on 10 February 2010, Successful Business Plans in A Week : Teach Yourself is a step by step guide t to show you how to put together a successful business plan in just a week. It is available in paperback.

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